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  • Photo credits: Raffaella Huizinga

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  • Visuele identiteit symposium i.s.m. Thom Trouwborst

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  • Dear Visitor,

    We are very pleased to welcome you to 
    The Internetional, a two day symposium exploring the epicentre of today’s visual 
    culture: The Internet. Some claim we are already living in post ‘Post Internet’ times, 
    our lives have become infused with screens 
    and hand-held devices, swiping is a new 
    natural gesture, our virtual image is the 
    new capital, and our personal data is the 
    new contested territory.  

    The Internetional is at home at MAMA, whose rich program history is littered with projects navigating and testing the boundaries of visual culture and contemporary art.  

    The lectures, panel discussions, artist talks,
    and workshops in The Internetional look at
    old and new strategies for artistic practices associated with these developments. 

    We will debate the rise (and fall?) of the
    so-called Post Internet era, investigate our current relationships with materiality, both online and via physical sites for art’s presentation, and offer the opportunity
    to engage with low-fi practices.    

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  • www.theinternetional.tk